Elementary Spanish-Heritage Speakers II (SPA 114)

Requirements & Evaluation


PARTICIPATION & PERFORMANCE: Attendance is mandatory. You are permitted three absences throughout the semester without penalty. However, each additional absence will diminish your overall final grade by 2%.

You will be able to participate in multiple ways during the semester (in class and ouside our classroom).

Check Attendance & Participation/Our classroom parctices for more details

PREPAREDNESS/HOMEWORK: Homework and asisgnments (besides the LECTURAS) will be announced during class and will be posted on the site. They are designed to review, reflect on, an practice material we cover in class. You can work with your classmates, collaboration is encouraged, but make sure to acknowledge your classmates work.

LECTURAS: Each week 2-3 students (depending on the reading) will be in charge of guiding the discussion/debate of the reading. Each student must complete the reading (preparedness/homework) assigned for that day, but the selected students will annotate the reading using hypothes.is and prepare, come up with some questions (procovations) to discuss in class on that  day (annotations are due the night before class).

After our conversation in class, students who guided the discussion must write a blog post about their thoughts, reflections and further comments to consider the topic(s). Blog posts are due by that Sunday at midnight – Remember to categorize your blog posts (Reflexión lecturas).

Students must be in charge of a reading at least twice during the semester.

(Note that there are no readings assigned by the end of the semester, this is an opportunity for you to be active participant regarding the content of this class)

WRITINGS: Students will have two (2) types of written assignments.

Blog posts & Free Writings: Durante el semestre tendrán que escribir varios blog posts, individually as well as in group, para reflexionar tanto sobre las lecturas como de los los diferentes assignments del proyecto final. Remember that the blog posts are a section within our Academic Commons platform and only accessible to your classmates and the instructor. El objetivo principal of this writing is to reflect on your work, learning process, and ask questions – recuerden que you are going to be able to receive feedback from your classmates. This writing IS NOT a composition and your proficiency in Spanish will not be graded.

The blog posts are an opportunity to explore, expand and question your ideas and thoughts, at the same time that you are reflecting on your experience. Remember that you will not be evaluated based on your Spanish grammar or spelling; you will be graded based on clarity and depth of content.

(3) Composiciones: Durante el semestre, también tendrán que escribir 3 composiciones en “español académico.” Los temas, contenidos y rúbricas de las composiciones serán discutidos conjuntamente como clase. Tendrán la oportunidad de trabajar como mínimo un borrador antes de la versión final (podrán entregar más de un borrador si lo creen conveniente).

You have three Grace Days for the semester. You may choose to use all three days at once, divide them as needed, or not use them at all. Simply send me an email to let me know if you wish to use them.

PRESENTATION: At the end of the semester, each group will present its final project/video to the rest of their classmates.

QUIZZES & EXAMS: Exams: There will be two term exams during the semester, the professor will also give brief quizzes covering specific items in spelling or grammar, quizzes will be announced the class before. All exams and quizzes must be taken on the date scheduled. There will be no make up for the exams or quizzes. Final exam: The final exam is cumulative and will take place on XXX


Final Grade Breakdown

  • Participation and Performance: 15 %
  • Preparedness/Homework: 10 %
  • Blog posts: 15 %
  • Written assignments / Compositions: 15 %
  • Quizzes: 15 %
  • Group presentation of the final project: 10%
  • Midterm & Final Exam: 20 %

Grading scale

The Department of Languages and Literatures uses the following letter grades and their numerical equivalents for your final grade:

Grade   —         Percentage         —         GPA Value

A         —        93 – 100             —        4.0

A-        —        92 – 90             —        3.7

B+       —        87 – 89             —        3.3

B         —        83 – 86             —        3.0

B-        —        80 – 82             —        2.7

C+       —        77 -79               —        2.3

C         —        73 – 76             —        2.0

C-               70 72             —        1.7

D+       —        67 – 69              —        1.3

D         —        60 – 66              —        1.0

F          —        60 >                 —        0.0

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