Elementary Spanish-Heritage Speakers II (SPA 114)

More Resources

(Posibles) Resources about East Harlem (Paso 1 – Proyecto)

– Whose Barrio? The Gentrification of Spanish Harlem. Ed Morales


– El Barrio Tours: Gentrification in East Harlem (2012)

Los desplazamientos avanzan en barrios latinos de NYC de Juan Matossian, Joaquin Botero y Gerardo Romo/EDLP (11 marzo 2014)

Rinden homenaje en El Barrio a los Young Lords (26 julio 2014)


– The CUNY-NYSIEB Guide to Translanguaging in Latino/a Literature

Culturally Relevant Books and Resources: “Bringing culturally and linguistically relevant literature into the classroom embraces the language practices, cultures, and identities of bilinguals. Such texts also help bilingual students draw upon their background knowledge to comprehend their reading.”


Todos tienen un acento (sí, tú también), por Roberto Rey Agudo (18 de julio de 2018), The New York Times.


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